It is a great joy to have one’s own website as our world is progressing digitally. It is a good platform wherein one reaches out to the whole world, without the loss of time. I still wonder at that one ‘click’ which opens up the past, present and future for all of us. May this opportunity be utilized to expand ourselves not only in knowledge and information but to reach out to the other part of the humanity which awaits our generosity in our sharing and caring. Yes, it’s true that the technology has narrowed down the time and the space. Let this website quench the thirst for knowledge and current information and widen our hearts to approach one another in mutual love, care and concern for the whole humanity. I wish God’s blessings on those who are responsible to keep this website updated not only on time but in digital wisdom and prudence. God bless us all.

With God’s blessings,

Sr. Kiran CJ