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ICSE Board
New Delhi
St. Joseph's History


Vision Statement of Education Ministry
The Patna Province
We, the Mary Ward women in the education ministry, keeping Jesus as our model, aim at forming fearless and vibrant citizens, who are able to face the challenges of life.
Believing that education is a powerful agent of social transformation, we move towards the empowerment of women and formation of children inculcating in them a sense of justice, religious tolerance, compassion and love.
Making them aware of the value system of the world in which they live, they are enabled to analyse it critically and make responsible decisions for themselves.
They are led to appreciate God's creation, value life, human dignity and potential and thus to pursue fullness of life.

We expect the students trained in our school to

  1. be firm in their faith in God and to have a love
    for personal prayer;
  2. have a sense of right values ;
  3. have strong personal convictions to act upon;
  4. have the ability to make personal decisions;
  5. have respect for parents and for those in authority ;
  6. be kind and sympathetic towards others ;
  7. be devoted to duty ;
  8. be appreciative of our national heritage and
  9. have developed logical reasoning and critical
    judgement with regard to mass media.

Our students to be:

  1. willing to serve God and Country;
  2. aware of the needs of the society in which they
  3. able to adapt themselves to changing
  4. convinced about the dignity of labour;
  5. able to work with others;
  1. courteous towards others;
  2. persons radiating joy and friendliness;
  3. motivated by a healthy spirit of competition and

Our students to be :

  1. able to choose a career which will be of service to the community;
  2. ready to strive for excellence in all they do;
  3. aware of their talents and skills and develop them to the full;
  4. able to gain confidence in themselves through participation in public speaking and cultural and co-curricular activities;
  5. ready and willing to share their knowledge with others;
  6. keenly desirous of learning;
  7. ambitions to acquire positions of influence in order to be of service to others;
  8. trained in leadership skills so that they can bring about the desired social change in family, society and nation.

In short, we strive at developing in our students all those qualities of head and heart which will make them an honour to womanhood and enable them so to 'take their place in any situation in which they may find themselves, as to be a source of happiness and blessing to all with whom they come in contact, as friends, leaders, future wives and mothers.


The foundation of St. Joseph's Convent High School was laid by the saintly Bishop J.L Anastasius Hartmann O.C., on 23rd Sept 1849, and the building was completed by 1852.
In the meantime, in response to the earnest appeals made by the Bishop to Rev. Mother Catherine di Graccho, the Superior Genera! of the institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (now known as Congregation of Jesus), founded by Venerable Mary ward, a small group of sisters were sent to Patna, to help in the education of Girls which was a dire need of the time.
Drawing their inspiration from Mary Ward their foundress, the sisters set out from Germany to India - a long and arduous journey, by ship, reaching Patna in October,1853.
Keeping in mind that "It is an honour to work for God", undeterred by all the initial difficulties inherent in such an enterprise, the sisters threw themselves heart and soul, in the work of the Boarding school entrusted to them. Through their devotion and enthusiasm, there developed a tradition of doing the best that can be done, for all the children who came to the school. The number of students steadily increased in succeeding years, and the school received official recognition from the Educational Department of the Government.
In spite of the hardships arising from famines and floods, local and world wars, and the Bihar earthquake of 1934, the Lord protected the S.J.C. through its powerful patron in heaven St. Joseph,
Today, in collaboration with a competent staff the school prepares students from all sections of society, for the ICSE and ISC in English medium and the Higher secondary Certificate in Hindi Medium, besides giving them an all round training through co-curricular activities. Above all, the school aims at inculcating in students, right values of life which will enable them to make correct decisions in life. Opportunities are provided whereby students can imbibe qualities of head and heart which will enable them to be an honour to womanhood, and a joy to those who come in contact with them as friends, neighbours, future leaders, wives and- mothers.
The motto of the school "Without God Nothing Prospers" keeps us in the right track in all our undertakings.

"All to the Creator Honour and Glory of God."


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